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Airend Rebuilding for Alup Compressors

All Airend Rebuild Prices are subject to Airend Inspection
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Alup Airend Rebuild Pricing

Air-End Rebuild Pricing for Alup Compressors

Model  HP Airend Tune Up Std Airend Rebuild Major Airend Rebuild
LARGO 31/45 40-60  $3,500.00  $4,000.00  $4,500.00
LARGO 55/75 75-100  $4,300.00  $5,000.00  $5,500.00
LARGO 76/90 100-125  $4,800.00  $5,400.00  $5,900.00
LARGO 110 150  $5,750.00  $6,300.00  $6,900.00
LARGO 200/250 270-340  $8,500.00  $9,700.00  $10,200.00
ALLEGRO 31/45 40-60  $3,400.00  $4,000.00  $4,500.00
ALLEGRO 55/75 75-100  $4,300.00  $4,950.00  $5,450.00
ALLEGRO 76/90 100-125  $4,300.00  $7,000.00  $7,500.00
ALLEGRO 110/160 150-220  $7,000.00  $7,900.00  $8,400.00
SCG 181/221 175-300  $7,950.00  $8,950.00  $9,450.00
SCG 271/341 270-335  $8,500.00  $9,000.00  $10,450.00
SCG 341/246 335  $8,500.00  $9.950.00  $10,450.00
SCG 431/541 425-535  $10,300.00  $11,000.00  $11,600.00
SCK 51/102 50-100  $4,200.00  $4,900.00  $5,400.00
SCK 101/121 100-125  $4,600.00  $5,400.00  $5,900.00
SCK 151 150  $5,200.00  $5,900.00  $6,500.00

Why Rebuild your ALUP Air Compressor Air-End?
The number one reason to rebuild your ALUP air compressor airend is economic. Rebuilding the air end will extend the life of your air compressor. There are three basic considerations when deciding to buy a new ALUP compressor air-end or rebuilding the air end before it fails.
How do I prevent a failure of my ALUP Air Compressor airend?
The best way to prevent a failure of your compressor is a proper maintenance and testing program. Following ALUP’s recommended maintenance schedules and changing the oil regularly will help keep the compressor “clean” and avoid the most common breakdown caused when contaminated oil damages the bearings and seals in the compressor air-end.
When should you rebuild your ALUP Air Compressor airend?
The best time to rebuild your compressor air end is before it fails. The life of the air-end depends on ALUP’s manufacturing, the environment the compressor runs in, the maintenance program that has been used on the compressor, the type of oil the compressor uses, and the way that the compressor is used. The most critical factor is the maintenance program because proper maintenance of a compressor will overcome most of the other factors. You should be running routine analysis of oil, bearing vibration, bearing temperature, and air end temperature. If these parameters start to show unwanted variances, it is probable time to rebuild the air end.

How much will it cost to rebuild my ALUP Air Compressor airend?
Air end rebuild costs vary depending on the HP of your ALUP Air Compressor and the condition of the airend, but in general a complete air end rebuild can be accomplished for half the price of a new air end. You must factor in costs for removal and installation, as well as any shipping costs to and from OEM Air Compressor. Oil and filters should also be budgeted.
We guarantee our stationary remanufactured airends to be free from defects in material replaced or labor performed with a Lifetime Warranty. To obtain warranty coverage, the customer must complete the warranty registration for within 30 days upon initial start-up and purchase the replacement parts and lubricants from us every 2000 hrs.
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