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Ingersoll Rand 5HP R4i Rotary Screw Compressor TAS 14.27CFM@135 MAX PSI 80Gal Horiz

Ingersoll Rand 5HP R4i Rotary Screw Compressor TAS 135 MAX PSI 80Gal Horiz
Price: $8,235.00
Item Number: R4i-TAS-135PSI-80
Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand
Manufacturer Part No: R4i-TAS-135PSI-80


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Ingersoll Rand, 5HP, 14.27CFM 135 MAX PSI, R4i "Total Air System", Enclosed 80 Gallon Horizontal Tank Mount Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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All Units come with a standard 1 year manufacture's warranty, with the purchase of maintenance parts.
OEM offers FREE extended airend lifetime warranty if maintained with Genuine OEM replacement filters
and oils.

**Optional Outdoor Modification Enclosure Avaialble at Check Out**
**Optional Ultra EL, and Food Grade Coolants Available at Check Out**
**Optional Start Up Kit Available at Check Out**

The reliable Ingersoll Rand R-Series 4-11 kW compressor extends the R-Series family into the commercial machine range as well as offers innovative features and a compact design that fits virtually any application environment.
Improvements from UP6 models
  • An IE3 premium efficency TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor is standard on all models
  • Higher Cubic Feet/Minute (CFM) output 
  • Pressure switch has been replaced by an electronic controller making for easy programming
  • Smaller carbon footprint is better for the environment
  • Premium PTFE hoses standard on all oil lines reduce leakage
  • Vastly improved seals and fewer connection junctions:
  • Reduces potential for leakage
  • Total leak path and connections reduced by 15-20% over UP6 models

Boosting your company's profits was the main goal that Ingersoll Rand had in mind when designing the revolutionary lineintegrated rotary screw air solutions. Our rotary screw compressors are more than integrated systems. They are completeair solutions designed to maximize the key drivers of profitibility in todays business by providing ultimate reliability, flexibility of operation, shop productivity and energy efficiency and savings.

R-Series: 5 - 15 HP "Total Air System"
Looking to save space and installation costs? Consider the R-Series 5-15HP "Total Air System" (TAS) packages as an innovative solution for your customers needs. TAS packages come standard with "Energy Star" cycling refrigerated air dryer with stainless steel heat exchanger, integrated compressor and dryer controls for optimum operation, panel mounted dew point indicator, dual filters (both pre and after) mounted and piped, single point condensate drain system with electric dain (115-volt), and high efficiency moisture separator.

OEM Air Compressor Corporation supplies a full line of Air Compressor Filters/Oils/Parts & accessories for your Industrial Air Compressors. We can help you with all of your filter needs for most applications.

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OEMAIR can offer a wide range of filters. We can supply filters for most machines including but not limited to compressors, trucks, forklifts, and many other applications. Call today for further details.

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